November 7, 2012

Actions Taken

Actions taken

Through the years has developed Daniel wheel various activities, among which are:

MENDOZA, May 2005 (Rueda Chandon)

We present a Virtual Art Shows, Artists catalog and Web site at Bodega Chandon. The event attracted more than 500 attendees.

SANTIAGO DE CHILE, 2005 (Action Promotion Staff Artists)

Catalogs were presented in the main galleries of Chile, making entering the Staff of prestigious galleries with some of the artists promoted.

PUNTA DEL ESTE, November 2005 to March 2006 (Grillo Art Gallery)

Manages the participation of 11 artists from Mendoza in a single season (2005/2006), sharing our rooms with Josefina Robirosa artists, Mario Grillo and Marco Otero, among other renowned artists. Event promoted by Chandon.

BUENOS AIRES, June 2006 (Spilimbergo and Pardo. Teacher and pupil. A premises: Tucumán).

Manage two rooms and one space, Lino Enea Spilimbergo and Orlando Brown, proudly bringing the work of artists both in time and space, not in Tucumán as the late 40s, but in Buenos Aires and in the new century . Lagarde winery action.

MARBELLA, August 2006 (Rueda in Marbella)

The exhibition took place at the Los Naranjos Golf Club, located in the area of ​​Nueva Andalucia, and was made possible by the accession of Diario Los Andes, Chile Consulate General, Consulate General of Spain, Consulate of Uruguay, Municipality of Mendoza and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Government of Mendoza, in the company of important companies and Trapiche winery

BUENOS AIRES, August 2007 (Rueda in Congress. Between wine and art poems)

It meets art, wine and poems in the Hall of Lost Steps of the National Congress. With the concept of art and wine, Mendoza were 6 artists and a poet with wines from wineries Trivento, Los Haroldos, Finca El Zarcillo and Marcelina Eva joined about 400 people in attendance.

Potrero de los Funes, June-July 2007 (Rueda in Potrero de los Funes)

In Hotel Potrero de los Funes, San Luis, paid a tribute to the master shows Alberto Musso, declaring at the opening of the event "the Maestro Musso Distinguished Citizen", a year before his death. Action with Eva Bodega Los Haroldos and Marcelina.

MENDOZA, March 2008 (Co shows the painter Roberto Azzoni Tribute)

In co-production with the City of Mendoza presents Tribute to the Master Sample Roberto Azzoni in MMAMM. Fifty-four oil paintings from private collections and heritage museum were exhibited in a major retrospective of the author. Wines Anphora action.

MEXICO CITY, June 2008 (Pre-International Exhibition)

IFC Advisory Council to the Federal Investment in prepoducción cultural segment shows ¨ ¨ Target Cuyo Andean Culture, conducted between February and June 6, 2008 in Argentina Embassy of Mexico in the Federal District of Mexico.

Format: Audiovisual (Cultural Offer), Virtual Sample of Artists (Painting and Sculpture), Corner Letters (Selected letters of Cuyo Andean), Crafts (objects with identity) and Federal Award ¨ ¨ Contest (Winners and catalogs).

Virtual Shows Exhibitors: Albrieu / Casulli / Contreras / Delía / Fabaro / Fernandez / Mota / Garcia / Garcia Huertas / Gomez / Gomez Centurion / Herllac / Hocevar / Jereb / ​​Jofré / Lujan / Martinez / Murillo / nobre / Perez / Riquieri Moon / Roso

Exhibitor (classroom work):

Joseph Delia (Tack) with Martin Fierro work ¨ ¨ (15 x 32 x 10 cm) arc welding. 2008

BENELUX, January 2009 (Promotion of Artists Artists of Staff)

In Holland attended as a special guest Internationaal Kamermuziek Festival (International Festival of Chamber Music) and witnessed the gala young violinist Janine Jansen. Participated in the private wine tasting organized by Menno M. ten Berge, who is the provider of the Dutch crown wines, wines from Mendoza and spreading our artists.

FRANKFURT, October 2010 (Frankfurt Campus Westend Wheel Art and Wine)

Make an exhibition of Art and Wine presented by the International Office of the Goethe Universität Frankfurt which was co-produced by the Katholische Hochschulgemeinde (KHG-Catholic Community College) and the Evangelische Gemeinde Studierenden (ESG-Evangelical Community College). Adhere the Consulates of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay in Frankfurt, Germany and the Consulates of Chile and Uruguay in Mendoza.

So does COFRA - Organizing Committee for Argentina's participation as Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2010 and Argentina Goethean Society, through Goethe - Institute (Goethe Zentrum Mendoza). Action Trapiche Winery.

Manages three Osvaldo Chiavazza artist works, currently is the heritage of KHG - University Catholic Community at the University of Frankfurt.

MENDOZA, October 2012 (Opening of Art Gallery). Presence of Chandon.

In all actions carried out, more than 30 companies and institutions have sponsored events.

Daniel Rueda has received significant public recognition for the promotion and dissemination of art, by the Senate of the Province of Mendoza (Radical Initiative), the Chamber of Deputies of Argentina (Peronist Initiative) and provincial government recognition of San Luis ( Governor Dr. Alberto Rodriguez Saa), among others.


October 10, 2012


Mendoza opens in a genuine gallery, representing top artists. The highlight of the local and national art will be available to the Mendoza and visitors, in one place equipped under strict conservation and according to universal canons of art.

A new space designed under a differentiating concept, designed to promote the art and its creators opens in Mendoza. In Building The Plaza Business (Montevideo 230, April 8th floor office, Town) Art Gallery Daniel Rueda seeks to develop a professional field to display various works and authors, which together represent an "Art" truly distinctive.

After seven years of sustained work in the promotion and dissemination of visual arts in national and international circuits, Daniel Rueda intended through this project, occupy a unique place to encourage the development and screening of a new market-still-forming - which looks in Mendoza, Mendoza to insert the art market and the national culture. Pursues both the international promotion of young artists, as well as consolidated authors in Mendoza and Argentine art. The gallery also seeks to accommodate special events (exclusive wine tasting, presentation and product launches) and provide support to organizations that promote social awareness.

Daniel Rueda Art Gallery has been carefully studied and designed from architectural and lighting advice. It has a neutral environment of 110 m², which does not compete with the works to be exhibited and developed under strict conservation measures in response to the universal canons of art.

It will feature an innovative consulting service that includes advice on the purchase of works of art, management appraisals and certificates of authenticity. So too intellectual, historical research and documentation, including the state of conservation and education of the next steps regarding possible restorations and museological framed.

"I intend, in this gallery, build a territory that gives Mendoza and visitors the opportunity to be part of a dream of pleasure and enjoyment. This is my desire that this place is a reflection of art in Mendoza for the world, and also a reception area and exhibition of new talent arising permanently "says Daniel Rueda.

The new space will house various artistic fields and within different techniques, all linked by a common thread, which is the dedicated and distinguished quality of the creators involved.

"My relationship with art I feel a destination. I consider my university education lawyer, by the piano faculty and participation in youth programs of Rotary International helped in my training manager. Personally I put the emphasis on the artist's professionalism, given by various factors such as trade, the quantity and quality of production. And especially in your career as an artist. I think the artist must interact with the environment and with the circuits, which are many and varied, and the market is one of them. No artists working with amateurs, I need that painting is her life, who has exhibited in galleries and art spaces serious possessing favorable press, with good reviews in media interest, "says Marchand.

The gallery will work to link the current concept of "cultural industry", combining artistic creation, production and development of goods and services.

"Do not forget that you can buy original works by leading artists, with low budget and remember that art is cheap if you know how to buy at the time, in addition to their investment safe. The Mendocino buying art seeks a work with future market and sometimes for purely decorative purposes. But either option, something to keep in mind is that always guarantees not only the good quality of the works, but its authenticity and the "fair value". Frequenting museums, galleries, art spaces and artists' workshops is essential to train a critical eye, taste and learn form this training market. Today, those who buy a work of art are increasingly demanding and knowledgeable. It also has a better chance of approaching art, creating an excellent workout. I recommend tenacity to find the desired works, daring to buy and a must, that is to trust own taste. "