February 6, 2011

Local artists achieve less than 1% of sales in the country

Experts agree that Mendoza has great artists but little demand. Those most buy works in the province are tourists attracted by the wineries. Lack of galleries violates a business worth about $ 100 million annually nationwide.

The Argentine art is sold with individual efforts of artists, gallery owners and dealers. The result is that the market moves in the country about $ 25 million annually but Mendoza S-despite the high level of its plastics and sculptors keeps only 1% of the cake, podium shared with the province San Juan.

For his career, talent and effort to show his works in the province are several that can live by selling their creations. However, the feeling of the majority is that, though there is a movement and growing interest around art-the move is not enough to talk of a market in Mendoza, proper.

Of course, the reasons are several. One is the almost zero custom of buying art Mendoza. Instead, international tourism and to the alliance of artists with wineries, hotels and emviene from Page 1

Travel dams, has become a major opportunity to show mendocino art. Besides the kind of "galleries" that are mounted in different tourist attractions, one of the most common forms of sale is the visit of foreign stakeholders, the ateliers.

For buyers have native (not to mention collectors in the strict sense) the fingers of both hands and few exceptions, this is big business with a taste for the art they see in the canvas a new way of investing. They also buy people who want to decorate their home and, in this, the architects have a role.

Although small in relation to other economic sectors moving in Argentina, the art market in Mendoza has everything to do. The solid although recent provincial art history and talents can be found here are the base from which to depart. Education and bet together to promote this place, you can even become a great ally of the growing tourism industry, are some of the pending issues.

Great potential

Artists, gallery owners and dealers agree on a few things. One is that in Mendoza the art market moves increasingly compared to other times. Another is that the market itself-economic term that refers to the existence of a regular trade, among other things, does not exist in our province. However, like other things in the country, most of the movement takes Federal Capital and the rest is divided between Santa Fe, Cordoba and the rest (Mendoza, San Juan and others).

Graciela Distéfano, teacher, MA in Latin American Art and Director of the Contemporary Art Space (RCTs) published in 2006 an investigation into the art market in Mendoza called "Masks and mazes of a provincial market." In his work came to the conclusion that there is no market in the style of the great metropolis. Instead, the existing shape resembled that of a bazaar (Persian type), characterized by smaller and the price bid.

"Mendoza is the first world with artists Third World prices" plotted Ignacio Gutierrez Zaldivar, gallery owner Zurbarán of Buenos Aires Mendoza who works with artists and other provinces. According to the gallery, in Buenos Aires, sold in public auctions, some 5,000 paintings and sculptures by year by about 16 million. To this must be added what is sold in other provinces and, according to a story published by The Nation, the total market worth about $ 25 million per year.

According to estimates, Mendoza would take $ 1 million of that total. The average national works could be set at around $ 13,000 while in Mendoza-like around-the cost of painting and sculpture is very variable. In principle, depends on the art but, above all, the name of the artist and his career. Thus, you can compare prints or original drawings for about $ 500 but is known artists who have sold their works as much as $ 100,000.

In between, the price range can be $ 5,000, $ 10,000 and, in general, the most expensive reached $ 50,000. "This is a complex market because there are many intricacies and concealment," said Distefano. "The art market in Mendoza is present with untapped potential. There is a space that is free for visionaries and really enjoyed this branch of life, "said Christopher Peña y Lillo who is optimistic about the purchase and sale of art mendocino.

For many, art is a safe place to deposit savings and to win in two aspects. One is autocomplacerse with the purchase of an item that we like and bestow prestige. The other, the possibility that the cost of the work grow in the future. Of course, to do this, something very important is that the market moves and bet that they know works to promote. "When investing, art is more stable than the stock market, less sensitive to shocks and even an act of assertiveness," said Daniel Rueda Mendoza one of the dealers that organizes exhibitions abroad and promotes artists from Mendoza popularity.

Where to Buy

The workshops of the artists are the most common points of sale. However, for people to come to them no previous work that is related to the exhibits and promotion through internet. The key, of course, is that the widest possible audience can appreciate the work and meet the artist. This is where you come into play dealers, the dealers, art dealer or artist representatives.

His role involves not only trying to sell a book but by making moves that work. This means that part of exhibitions in different parts of the province, the country and the world, who are in the internet portals and the creators name starts ringing in the art world. "The Internet is an indispensable weapon but there is as direct contact with the work," said Cecilia Romera, representing artists and art space curator at the Hyatt. The specialist added that in addition to the creation itself, is important who does it.

Broadly, the longing of the artists is the existence of a museum of the history of art of Mendoza where both domestic and foreign can learn (to buy) everything the province has to offer for over a hundred years this part. "Furthermore, there is practically fulfill this role galleries in Mendoza" said Rebeca Sarelli, art consultant and in charge of the gallery which owns The Modern Hotel.

According to his vision, so that there should be a double market commitment. The artist and galleries or dealers. The early, to allow the latter to stay with a percentage of the work they sell (usually goes from 20% to 40%) and the second, to promote paintings and sculptures in the world fairs, exhibitions and museums. The state's role is also important and there are several that match this degree in Art History at the need for joint policies as a few years ago, started making the wine industry.

Art Tourism

I said. In Mendoza few people who collect art and some eventually buying plus for a treat and prestige to your home. So-and from foreign tourism boom-Mendoza artists realized the importance of targeting this niche cultural level and purchasing power.

So one of the places where art is exhibited "naturally" are the wineries (many with a room specially prepared) and high end hotels. But there is a personal work of the artists or their dealers that led to leave cards or luxury accommodations that includes so-called "arts tours" by the ateliers of Mendoza.

In the first instance, contact the hotel people seeking tourists see mendocino art of certain characteristics (figurative, abstract sculptures, etc.) concerned with the artist who organized the visit to the shop personally. The visits to the ateliers, while, take time to organize and arise from the requirement of people from other provinces or countries.

"For us the most important is the dissemination of art and no one can buy what you do not know," said Alberto Thorman, one of the artists who has learned to manage themselves, which has earned a place in the province and whose studio-that Alejandra sculptor shares with Civit, his wife attend assiduously tourists. Both he and the sculptor Roberto Rosas whose dwelling-workshop visitors also come pre-recruitment package or other contact, bemoan how expensive and sometimes complicated it is to send a work abroad.

"Overall job 'as' and I see the kind of artists that may be of interest to that customer. No tour is like and try not to show more than three ateliers to avoid saturating "said Cecilia Romera, a passionate art that usually connect with buyers of mouth. For her, the periodicity of the tours varies. Sometimes twice a week should be organized but there are others who do that kind of hits a month.

That same disparity sales mentioned Eva Rodriguez, curator of art Zuccardi cava, and Fernando Gabrielli-room by having Navarro Correa. As one of the main drivers of tourism, the wineries are becoming places where many visitors choose to take in addition to the classical-bottle-a work of art. So there still may get from collectors decided to buyers who fall in love spontaneous certain canvas or sculpture.

"There are periods but what has been sold in connection with the representation of the identity of Mendoza. We even sent large works, "said Rodriguez. The need for outsiders to hoard something that shows what they have known in their journey, seems to be one of the engines sold in those sites.

Source: http://www.losandes.com.ar/notas/2011/2/6/artistas-locales-logran-menos-ventas-pais-548997.asp