December 1, 2007

Wineries Eva Marcelina launches its range of wines, varietals and bivarietals market under the label “The Nile” 2006 vintage.

On Saturday December 8 occurred in an elite event, the wines "The Nile" in theater Lola Membrives the traditional Corrientes city of Buenos Aires.

The event was organized by the Diplomatic Image Magazine and began promptly at 20 pm. with a welcome drink and entertainment to all present and special guests. Among them were the vice presidents of Algeria, Tunisia, El Salvador and ambassadors from different countries such as Egypt and Sudan. Also attended the event personalities of the Argentine government, diplomats, professionals viticulture in the province of Mendoza, wine personalities and press.

During the reception, in the lobby of the theater, the wines were tasted "The Nile Malbec / Tempranillo 2006 Tempranillo 2006 The Nile", which accompanied the cocktail. Later, in the hall, opened the 21Hs the gala presentation of "The Night of the Nile" by Ms. Amalia Frontini, Egyptologist, who spoke by reviewing the history of the Nile and its benefits. Then succeeded these dances choreographed Arab paintings, contemporary and classic by specialist teachers from different schools of dance.

Throughout the night gave way to the following speakers:

- Dr. Antonio Las Heras, "Legend of the Nile".

- The International Sommelier Barton Silvia Ramos, "Wines The Nile".

- Mr. Martin Bafundo, Chief of Protocol and Ceremonial Export Foundation.

- Norma Martinez, Director of the Diplomatic Image Magazine.

Near the end of the event was a presentation and exhibition by Daniel Augusto Rueda (prestigious Marchan) of a painting, the artist Fernando Donatti donation to Eva Marcelina winery. It represents the wine label "The Nile 2008", which will come out as "Donatti edition".

Closing the night was given by Kali Garrido, Head of Marketing and Mr. Hernán Musri, who serves as manager of the winery and vineyards. Both thanked everyone for their presence that night.

About Bodega Eva Marcelina:

It is located in Junín, Central Valley in the province of Mendoza. With a design structure 1800 that was respected and restored, has the ability to produce 1 million liters. The varieties planted are Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Merlot and Bonarda among others and some of their vines are older than 80 years.

Its name is in honor of Mrs. Eva Marcelina, who with great effort made possible the birth and development of the winery since 2005, after he worked as a warehouse for 20 years.


September 2, 2007

A new reef: selling art to tourists

By Ariel Sevilla.

The favorable exchange and aesthetic quality are two factors fueling this growing phenomenon. Complicated procedures.

Established and new, professionals and amateurs, artists begin to enjoy Mendoza slowly, but increasingly, the benefits associated with the constant arrival of tourists.

For at least three years, local artists, especially painters, increased sales to domestic and foreign visitors who opt to take a canvas or a framed picture as a memento of his tenure in the province.

Several environmental referents agreed that among the factors of the rise is the favorable exchange rate, but also the aesthetic quality of the works. They stressed that, in the absence of a formal market important art-ie-galleries, major promotional spaces are precisely those transiting tourists: hotels, wineries, restaurants (see separate article).

Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Santa Fe are the Argentines more interested in painting Mendoza. But, mainly, are foreigners who excel: Canadian, American, British, German and Chilean artists Zully detailed the Bazan and Laura Hart (also director of the Municipal Museum of Modern Art in Mendoza).

But not all pink brushstrokes. Sell ​​a picture of a person leaving the country involves a permanent export, which is governed by the National Law 24,633 of free movement of works of art. For artists and buyers who intend to move into the legality this will mean a number of additional steps, which are very cumbersome.

Is that the artist must register with Customs and every time you make a sale apply for a permit before the National Visual Arts Commission, which meets once a month in Florida and certify that the piece is not wealth, stolen or false, for which it must send photos. In addition, the buyer must pay a fee of 5% of the declared value.

Consequently, the rigmarole, times-at most international tourist stays in Mendoza a week and can get by Chile, and the added costs to what was paid for the box undermine potential sales, many of which are end up falling, some respondents indicated.

"It's hard to have statistics on the export of works of art because most of the pieces leave the country illegally, or in areas classified as decorative items and gifts," said Liana Sabatella, president of the Chamber of cultural entrepreneurs, who considered that the sale to foreigners does not grow because the rules designed to encourage it "ends up hindering it or encouraging the illegal".

From a space that is dedicated to selling Mendoza artworks claimed that "there are usually no problems at Customs", because, for example, a cloth is wrapped and gets into bit holder for the trip, and passed as a gift. "It's different if the person passes-the-border frequently and takes a lot of work," clarified.

The lawyer and marchand Daniel Rueda explained that the sale to a foreigner is not illegal, since the artist is unknown what the fate of his work. In fact, in Buenos Aires said that there are 220 galleries that all they do is give the invoice to the buyer. Instead, he criticized the process "has no federal dye", as it must do in Buenos Aires. "It takes a delegation of visual arts in Mendoza, for example in Mail, where does the Patent and Trademark Office," he proposed.


August 27, 2007

Gloria capped sample artists visited Mendoza in Congress

The reality show crowned with glory, which airs on Channel 9 in Buenos Aires was honored at the National Congress and its members visited the exhibition "Wheel in Congress. Mendoza: Art between wines and poems"

Two presentations took the sample of artists mendocinos the Hall of Lost Steps of Congress. On one hand, the official opening and the next day came back to the members and leaders of the program crowned with glory.

The dealer Daniel Augusto Rueda who presented to the guests, artists Mendoza who received praise for their work.

More than 300 people including musicians, artists and the general public television appreciated art and fine wines from Mendoza.


July 7, 2007

Artists that blur boundaries

The weekend was organized an exhibition of painters and sculptors in San Luis Mendoza. It was recognized master path Alberto Musso.

Organized by Daniel Augusto Wheel, was developed at the Hotel Potrero de los Funes, San Luis, an art exhibition and featured wine called cultural personalities of Mendoza and the neighboring province.

The sample pursued the concept of being "plural and diverse," in which artists and puntanos Mendoza from different generations, backgrounds and poetic-like Nicolás Alberto Musso, Christopher Peña y Lillo, Viviana Herrera, Ivonne Kaiser and Juan Castillo-exhibited his work .

The evening was attended by the governor of San Luis, Alberto Rodriguez Saa, who distinguished and recognized Musso path, for his contribution to culture, hard work and education.

It was a match which also featured a wine tasting and winery's Eve Haroldos Marcelina. Attendees, largely from Mendoza, enjoyed an entertaining experience, as invited by the organization, remained throughout the weekend in the pleasant place.


June 30, 2007

Four artists in tribute to Musso

In Hotel Potrero de los Funes, San Luis, a homage to the master shows Alberto Musso. In the artist's works are added the four other artists: Yvonne Kaiser, Viviana Herrera, Juan Castillo and Christopher Peña y Lillo. Here, Graciela Distéfano reflects on dissemination and sale of art selectivity strategies.

"There is a unique idea of ​​reality, not a single image to represent whole." (Ticio Escobar)

Plural and diverse is the concept of this show in which artists of different generations, backgrounds and poetic-like modes approach provides an object-kaleidoscopic as art.

An overflowing vitality distinguishes Viviana Herrera, restless, fearless and feisty. Since this energy projected piece which results in a variety of aspects. His extensive knowledge of materials and techniques allow you to permanently break their own paradigms.

The work of a mysterious Ivonne Kaiser summarize candor. Suddenly you have the feeling of being surrounded by these characters, strange creatures reminiscent of medieval minstrel, between funny and disturbing. The color dominates and shapes the scenes.

Cristóbal Peña y Lillo paints, brushes and lashes grips with the ease and naturalness that lends his job as a publicist in the slippery and art jealous. But only apparently dissimilar because the borders are imaginary. The imaginative power and the game the way they once unspeakable jumble.

It is impossible to avoid the temptation of Surrealism, especially if you are young as Juan Castillo and walks exploring dream worlds. The unconscious and metaphor, with its hilarious encounters become a powerhouse, in a parallel reality in which the artist is immersed and enjoy.

Addressing the experience of our time and dare to an infinite series as an inventory is a way, ours, give us oxygen through this adventure ever ancient and ever new ways of moving art.

Cultural Marketing

A cultural marketing venture power mendocino art image.

A project aimed at the dissemination and sale of art selectivity strategies. But do not forget the human factor: the school and teachers who created the record plural regional art.

For a few years, since 2004 exactly, Daniel Augusto Rueda, lawyer, was introduced in the environment of the visual arts with the acronym DAR Mendoza, a project that now has its Office of Arts. This initiative has been to complete a circuit of art that was needed in our environment, providing a channel for a prolific artistic production is usually no market, the actions of this art dealer have initiated a process of reversal of this situation and its dynamics aimed first market outside the province and abroad: taking its concept to Recoleta and Retiro (Buenos Aires), Punta del Este, Marbella, among the most significant. He has also worked with Santiago de Chile and conducted outreach in Almeria, Barcelona, ​​Malaga and Granada ... to stand firmly in the local environment.

Set the output is a necessary step to oxygenate the atmosphere and return with some achievements to tone things down. These outputs are not solitary cross, but successful operations well planned cultural marketing, where they interacted with the artistic wine, tourism and sport. This conjunction regional power with an image concepts the estimated marketing world for its effectiveness.

In San Luis

It is well known that the saws puntanas configure an idyllic natural landscape tinged streams, creeks and lush vegetation. The hand of man has taken advantage of the natural advantages and increase them with comfort. It is in this framework privileged location in the mountains and with superb lake views offered by the Hotel Potrero de los Funes, which opened yesterday's show that pays homage to the master Alberto Musso.

Attractive and polysemic, sophisticated event shows different edges: an exhibition whose concept is diversity that tends bridge the culture of two provinces. Nicolás Alberto Musso, an artist from San Luis which developed much of his prolific activity in Mendoza, never losing the bond that unites the home turf, is honored in the same soil. A recognition of a career of nearly half a century of dedication to art as a central activity of his life. Four artists: one; Yvonne Kaiser also born in San Luis land, a sculptor of experience, Viviana Herrera, a graduate of the classrooms of the Faculty of Arts, a young painter, Juan Castillo, about to graduate from the same classrooms in which Alberto Musso is an indisputable figure. And a publicist unstructured, Cristóbal Peña y Lillo, passionate brushes.

In this framework rich human stories confluence return, accompanied by wine and champagne as the unquestionable provincial ambassadors, has been very important to the support of the Province of San Luis. It also realizes the scale of the enterprise and on the other hand, a very clear signal that can generate interest and promote cultural exchange and business institutional auspices. / Graciela Distéfano


June 29, 2007

Exposure begins “Rueda in Potrero de los Funes-Art and Wine”

It displayed 25 works produced by authors of outstanding career. In addition, perform a tribute to the artist puntano Alberto Musso, currently based in Mendoza. Admission is free.

From today until July 8 will run the show "Wheel in Potrero de los Funes-Art and Wine", where he exhibited 25 works of art produced by artists featured. The exhibition will take place in the halls "La Carolina" and "Rest Cerrillos" International Hotel Potrero de los Funes.

The activity is organized by Daniel Augusto Rueda (DAR) adjacent to the hotel and will include a tribute to the artist Alberto Musso puntano-based in Mendoza, who is also the sponsor of the exhibition.

The artists exhibited are John Castillo, in painting; Viviana Herrera, in sculpture; Ivonne Kaiser, in paintings - but is currently living in San Luis Mendoza and Christopher Peña y Lillo, in painting. The works of these authors, in addition to being exposed throughout Argentina, were also appreciated in Uruguay, Spain and the U.S., among other countries.

The opening of the exhibition will be held tonight at 20:30 and will be attended by Alberto Musso, who will perform the tribute.

Furthermore puntano artist, will be the sponsor of the exhibition, as two of the exhibitors-Herrera and Kaiser-were his students in the Faculty of Arts of the National University of Cuyo.

During the development of the first three days of the activity will be tasted wines from various wineries of Mendoza Malbec.

DAR Arts, responsible for the initiative has made significant samples in Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Punta del Este (Uruguay) and Marbella (Spain).

"I have the highest expectations and I am very happy to make my first exhibition in San Luis. From the first moment I offered to organize a show, I immediately agreed, and was very well received. People who works in this exhibition, has a great disposition. Are helping me in assembling works with the best professional I've ever seen, "said Daniel Rueda.

The idea of ​​diversity is shown as a concept and a tribute to Musso-a reference to the art-Mendoza, an artist who was born in Fair Daract and is the holder of the Chair of Painting at the National University of Cuyo. "All the visual arts professionals who graduate in Painting Teacher must give consideration to Musso" he said.

The exhibition will feature the logistics of Miguel Angel Caram, who has served in the organization of various cultural encounters. He led three industrial fairs and fashion shows, also was president of the Syrian Lebanese Society, the Association of Tennis San Luis and private secretary of Governor Alberto Rodriguez Saa.

The exhibition will be open from 10 to 19, with free admission.

The feted

Alberto Musso was born in San Luis. He graduated from the National University of Cuyo as Professor of Fine Arts. Directed from 1967 to 1981 at the Higher Institute aesthetic disciplines, the foundationally built National University of Misiones under management in 1974.

He teaches the Painting Department in the Faculty of Arts of the National University of Cuyo. Also performed solo and group exhibitions in Mendoza and in cities across the country.

He also received numerous awards, among which are: North East Regional Meetings Argentino (1965-69); Visual Artists Salon Interior Mission (1972), and 3rd National Exhibition Painting Prize (1992), among others.

The organization

The managers of the organization are the Hotel Potrero de los Funes and Daniel Augusto Rueda, who is a lawyer and graduated from the University of Mendoza (UM).

He led the International Rotary Club where he served as governor and President's Representative in their youth programs of Interact Club and Rotaract Club, respectively.

He was part of the Agrarian Federation Youth Argentina. Founder of the International Association of Law Students (IAEA) today COLADIC.

Participated in the chairs of "History of Political Ideas" and "Roman Law" at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences at UM.

Also notes and legal articles published in various magazines and joined the staff of the magazine "Latin American Forum" simultaneous publication of Law Associations Costa Rica, Mexico and Argentina and the Virtual Journal of the Bar Association of Mendoza.

He served as a sales executive for Citibank NA Commercial Department and Citicorp.

He also worked as an instructor of the Ethics and Discipline Mendoza Bar Association, which agreed to Contest Background and Opposition. Then he ascended to Secretary of the Federation of Bar Associations and Attorneys Mendoza.

He was Director of Visual Arts in the Department of Art Mendoza Bar Association and managing partner of the Art Gallery "Grillo Art" in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Today, in the private sector is Director of Virtual Space for Art and owner of an office on Fifth Art Section of Mendoza.


June 19, 2007

New art gallery aesthetic

Daniel Augusto Rueda opened Art Gallery DAR Office, which is in the style of some that are in San Pablo, Punta del Este or Marbella and which promotes our artists.

Any place that opens in Mendoza for plastic is welcome, since the activity far exceeds the exposure sites. In addition, they are scarce and have no continuity. The advantage of 'DAR Office Art' is its characteristic. Salas proper, excluding officers, who work exclusively to the art market, exhibition, distribution and back office, there in the urban area, except the 'Gimenez' in Godoy Cruz and some painters who dedicate a space in workshops.

Rueda has experience in arts management, with samples in the Park Hyatt Mendoza, Bodegas Chandon and numerous events in international destinations like Chile, Uruguay and Spain, always multidisciplinary, including tourism and golf, but as he points out "under two concepts undisputed : Mendoza wine and art. "

Artists ponder what it offers armed service collections, labels, legal, construction rentals, wineries and events for everything related to exhibition and sale of works of art.

In the new venue, whose phone is 428-5215, about fifty meters square and sculpture court, samples renews every Thursday. The first included Ivonne Kaiser, Christopher currently exposed Peña y Lillo and has continued to work with young people, so that does not move with the consecrated, trying to ensure sales, but choose according to personal taste and opens the way to the avant-garde aesthetics.

Rueda says: "It tasted wines from Mendoza and delicacies prepared by a chef, all within a context of meeting friends. Thus, the store is transformed into a new proposal for multidisciplinary communication, associated with personal attention. The aim is conquer different markets, which have remained, for many reasons, away from art. "

They also have access to both the back and the virtual space. Several artists, not only Mendoza, has a website. "It's how dazzlingly current to publicize and advertise the work. Also, he says there have been isolated cases of groups of artists who have done such a thing."

The express purpose is to spread, bring and sell to art lovers both the paintings and drawings, engravings, sculptures and photographs of all those makers, both Argentine and foreign, who wish to participate.

The site already offers and one hundred ninety works, selected according to whether they are artists or emerging career. Among the first are Patricia Aisum, Daniel Bernal, Osvaldo Chiavazza, Fernando Donati, Guillermo Garrido, Mario Grillo, Egon Paul Hoffmann, Marita Lavoisier, Orlando Pardo, Antonio Sarelli, Daniel Serio and Alberto Thormann. The emerging are Brugiavini Juan, Juan Castillo and Susan Thorn.

In backroom already included Raúl Castromán, Iara Cigerza, Ivonne Kaiser, Egar Murillo, Andrea Prato, Roberto Rueda, Javier Omara Seru and Thalia.

It has made a catalog as an introduction, with 50 photographs, paper illustration, printed in Zeta Publishers.


February 4, 2007

Artworks for sale

Three years ago, surely the lawyer Daniel Augusto Rueda not imagine working full time as promoting artists and Marchand.

Today, he divides his world travels in Argentina and abroad promoting art mendocino.

But how a lawyer begins to dabble in the art world?. For Daniel Rueda not come from their ancestors, nor of their surroundings, but his taste for art.

"The first event was organized Art in the Hyatt Hotel. In six months he had sold all the work of judges and lawyers Mendoza, "says the entrepreneur. Then, as secretary of the Federation of Lawyers, he was appointed Director of Visual Arts Bar. "That was the moment I stopped virtually advocacy to devote myself to promoting the arts mainly Mendoza. Anyway, I served my profession when making contracts and all existing legal movement in art, "says the entrepreneur.

As art-dealer has organized a major and significant number of samples in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Spain and several of them with a dye through multidisciplinary major environmental institutions and companies: art tourism, golf, wine tasting and presentations Argentines. "In my case, I advise a good buy, both as a teacher of the work of a young artist. Sell ​​to individuals and businesses and remarked their value in the ateliers works because it is the same artist who settled the commission me. Our clientele is formed by a requirement in our society that finds the difference between buying art and painting. Also for people looking for a work with future market and other decorative purposes only. But either option, you should always ensure not only the quality of the works, but its authenticity and fair value, in economic terms. With our advice you can buy better than if you do it for occasional references or on their own, "said the entrepreneur. As for his plans, already managing and taking action for the first half of 2007 in Mendoza and seriously evaluating new invitations received international destinations. "All activities are linked to the Art & Wine Mendoza," forward the entrepreneur.