May 28, 2005

Virtual space for art

Daniel Rueda created a website to disseminate, and sell to bring art lovers works by Argentine and foreign makers, who wish to participate.

There are several artists Mendoza who have a website and serves to show the work time without moving. Dazzlingly current form is to disclose and publicize the work. Also, there have been isolated cases of groups of artists who have done something similar. This time, Daniel Augusto Rueda decided to create a virtual space, with the express purpose of disseminating, and selling closer to art lovers both the paintings and drawings, engravings, sculptures and photographs of all those makers, both Argentine from abroad, who wish to participate.

The site already offers and one hundred ninety works, selected according to whether they are artists or emerging career. Among the first are Patricia Aisum, Daniel Bernal, Osvaldo Chiavazza, Fernando Donati, Guillermo Garrido, Mario Grillo, Egon Paul Hoffmann, Marita Lavoisier, Orlando Pardo, Antonio Sarelli, Daniel Serio and Alberto Thormann. The emerging are Brugiavini Juan, Juan Castillo and Susan Thorn.

It is also the backroom and include: Raul Castromán, Iara Cigerza, Ivonne Kaiser, Egar Murillo, Andrea Prato, Roberto Rueda, Javier Omara Seru and Thalia.

Participating in the project, which has been held in Mendoza, Cristina Sonego restorer and public auctioneer Nancy Esther Rueda.

It has made a catalog as an introduction, with 50 photographs, paper illustration, printed in Zeta Publishers. Rueda says: "My goal and philosophy is to get to you in an accessible and inviting them to invest in art teachers, novice or unknown, becoming somehow in her art consultant, gallery owner, art dealer or dealer.

"By consulting the catalog, it is my desire to feel the curiosity to navigate the site, can experience what I want to convey and to observe the work wants to enjoy their savings and invest in art."


May 1, 2005

Another optical landscape

Magazine "Competition: Latin Business magazine"

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